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Gladinet Cloud Desktop 4.0

Backup, access and sync from the convenience of your desktop with Cloud Desktop!
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Gladinet Cloud Desktop is a program that can provide ease of access to the cloud services in the internet. It may be used as a cloud server for Microsoft (Live Skydrive), Amazon, Google Docs, Google Picasa,, or any FTP server that you have access to.

The program can seamlessly integrate your online services and applications to your computer. First you will need to create the online account for your service. As about me, I like using my Windows Live Skydrive account with the Cloud Desktop program. It gives me some online storage that I can use to backup important files. The program makes it easier to mount the online storage as a disk. We can easily add/delete files here similar to using a standard Windows drive.
Your usernames and passwords are stored in the save card manager. It makes the automatic login possible. Applications like Google talk are available too.

The backup scheduler included into the program helps to backup the cloud storage or offline storage automatically. The task scheduler can manage all the scheduled tasks. Both have table interfaces.

The program is easy to use as there are no confusing features. Unfortunately, there aren’t many online services supported.

Zack Martin
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  • Easy to use
  • Automation and scheduling
  • Backup


  • Less features
  • Few online services suported
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